About Us

Michelle Shelton, RealtorThe first time I went to Sedona in the 1980’s, I fell in love with it. I’m sure you will too! – Michelle Shelton

As licensed REALTORS® in Arizona and members of the Sedona Verde Valley MLS, Life Real Estate agents offer our clients the opportunity to own property up north and in the Valley. What a fantastic way to live! It doesn’t get any better than having a home in the winter in the Valley of the Sun and a home in the summer in the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona.

As a listing agent, Michelle and her team can expand your audience when selling your home. Most agents only put your home in the Verde Valley MLS, and that means you are getting extremely minimal exposure. People in the Phoenix area do not have access to the MLS in Sedona and now they can through Life Real Estate. Why not list your home and expose it to millions instead of limiting your exposure?

Michelle’s Story of her son, Phillip and the Elephant

Life Real Estate has many reasons for existing today, and its name and logo have a lot of hidden meaning wrapped into their small package. The very word, “Life,” represents growth and change.

Michelle Shelton is an avid proponent of both personal and business growth, and she also embraces constant change.

You will notice an elephant woven into the logo of Life Real Estate.

An elephant symbolizes many different things to different cultures. The elephant also depicts many qualities that Michelle Shelton brings to the real estate industry. Michelle has longevity in the industry and brings strength, power, and dignity to everything she does. Besides, elephants portray patience, honor, intelligence, and spirituality. Elephants also have strong family ties and not only grieve the loss of a loved one, and they also have strong emotions for their family and will fight to protect them.

All of this is wonderful and certainly would stand alone of why one would use an elephant to signify all of these fantastic qualities and yet, it is not the reason for the elephant in the logo.

The elephant is for Phillip Henry Shelton. Phillip was Michelle and Paul Shelton’s oldest son. He was born July 4, 1990 and died September 1, 2012. Read Michelle’s blog about her son Phillip here.

Phillip was married to a Turkish girl and in the Turkish language, “Phil” means Elephant.

Phillip and his bride had a beautiful little girl, Ava Rose. Ava was 14 months old when her daddy died. Ava is near and dear to her grandma’s heart.

It is a small and powerful gesture to remember the young man who lived life to the fullest and produced a fantastic gift to this world before his departure in a car accident at the tender age of 22.

Michelle Shelton the Influencer

As an influential leader, Michelle serves in many capacities as a volunteer to improve and move forward essential issues in the real estate industry:

  • Michelle is the 2019 Treasurer with (ARMLS), Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service
  • Member of ARMLS task force to create real estate forms
  • Serves on the Rules Committee
  • Member of the Appeals Committee
  • Michelle is also a Director for the Southeast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS®
  • 2019 Director of Arizona Association of REALTORS®
  • Serves on the Community Outreach Committee & Critical Needs Committee

In addition to serving in real estate, Michelle is involved in many leadership programs and she is also a personal growth and mindset coach. Michelle is willing to take a stand when necessary. She is not one to be pushed away from what she knows is effective.

Michelle has a robust Midwestern drive and upbringing, and her values run deep. As a child she had two rules passed to her by her mother:

  1. Tell the truth
  2. You will work

These two qualities equate to a tireless work ethic and upstanding honesty.  When coupled, these characteristics bring forth many other traits that serve Michelle’s clients in the real estate industry and her friends and family in life.  If you ask Michelle, at the end of the day, she wants people to see she is a solid human and appreciate her for who she is, a loyal trusted advisor with a plethora of knowledge. It is her desire to serve and protect her clients’ best interests and be someone, who perhaps, they can call a friend.